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    Real Estate Financing:

    Investing in South Florida’s Real Estate market presents a great opportunity and value to foreign investors. South Florida offers a wide variety of investments opportunities and Plus International Bank is ready to help you find profitable ways to invest in real estate.

    When you invest in a vacation home, we can help you understand the financial and personal benefits that go along with the purchase, including:

    • - Rental opportunity. If your home is in a popular vacation spot, you may be able to rent it and earn additional income when you're not using it.
    • - Ongoing income and cash flow. If you choose to rent your vacation home, it could provide ongoing income to offset your expenses, and may provide tax benefits in the form of depreciation expense. (Consult your tax advisor)
    • - Potential tax benefits. Mortgage and home equity interest payments and property taxes may offer the opportunity for tax advantages. (Consult your tax advisor)
    • - Potential property appreciation. A vacation home may be a good long-term asset to hold as homes can increase in value.

    Demand for housing in South Florida is expected to rise, so investing in a vacation home has never been more lucrative. Let the experts at Plus International Bank explain how easy home financing options can help you purchase your dream vacation home.

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